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  • Lil Bella Adult Swim Diaper

    RearZ Incontinence Wash

    Lil Bella Adult Swim Diaper

    Finally an adult swim diaper.  The swim brief has an adjustable rise and waist so you can get the perfect fit. This diaper features our newest friend, Bella.  She is a whimsical and carefree pegasus. This version of the new swim diaper also...

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  • Pink Satin Rhumba Waterproof Panties

    RearZ Incontinence Wash

    Pink Satin Rhumba Waterproof Panties

     This is unquestionably the most fabulous panty in our catalog.  Super silky satin outer, complete with ruffles on the bum.  The inner layer of this pant is a luxuriously soft and silky TPU (polyeurethane). This waterproof fabric has a...

    $27.31 - $31.31
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  • Crystal High Gloss Waterproof Pant - Sheep

    RearZ Incontinence Wash

    Crystal High Gloss Waterproof Pant - Sheep

    This brand new High Gloss pant is softer, shinier and stretchier than standard PVC pants. Delightfully smooth and silky soft. These pants have a vintage rustle to them that is loved by many. The super smooth Polyurethane (TPU) lines the pant inside and...

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  • ANGELA Vinyl Pant - Frosted

    AC Medical

    ANGELA Vinyl Pant - Frosted

    This pant is made in a soft smooth vinyl (100% PVC) and the frosted ones have heat sealed sides. Same cut as photo but with a frosted finish. Less smooth on one side than the clear is. It has a light texture on the inside. A reliable and durable...

    $9.49 - $12.49
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  • Rearz - Made in Canada

    Silence Pant - Waterproof Diaper Cover

    These are made in Canada. This is our most comfortable and highly recommended pant. It is excellent for daily active wear.  This is a washable and dryable pant with a bit of stretch and breathability, while providing great waterproof protection...

    $23.99 - $38.99
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  • Nursery Print PVC Pant

    AC Medical

    Nursery Print PVC Pant

    A sturdy and reliable plastic pant Made from a printed plastic with cute designs that were originally developed for handicapped teenagers in nursing homes as a way of cheering them up by the colours.   It is now very popular with persons...

    MSRP: $13.00
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