Super Double Discreet Packaging

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We GUARANTEE your order will arrive safe and discreet or your damaged product will be replaced FREE!

We will wrap and reinforce your precious cargo in an extra Poly mailer. For clarification that does not meant that your order will be shipped in a box. If you order 3 or more bags of product then most likely it will be shipped in a box with poly mailers over each bag. All boxes and bags get extra tape on the edges and load bearing areas. We consulted with our carriers to make sure our boxes and packages are protected and safe.....BUT...Sometimes your precious items face worse than expected conditions. This is why when you order Super Discreet Double Packaging, we will take extra care to insure your package arrives safe and sound. If you add this feature and your items are damaged or exposed we will replace any damaged items FREE!*

For bags or aacessories please select the bag option

For cases or multiple bags select the Case option

*Photos of damage required for replacement