Rearz Brand Bulky Fitted Nighttime Cloth Diaper - S/M PENGUIN

SBulkyPenguin S-M
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These are size Small (Labelled S-M) fits 28"-39"

Super thick and cozy. Wear for confidence, wear for life.

This thick and heavy duty cloth diaper is the most absorbent adult fitted diaper in our store. It is designed for night use and has a higher rise than average. Soft flannel inside and out.

The nighttime version is specially made with extra layers of protection for heavy to total incontinence!

These diapers are not waterproof and should be combined with a waterproof cover.

These diapers hold up to 6 cups of fluid - great for day or night with a booster! No folding, no pins, just hook and loop on, add a cover and go!
The last bonus in the inside 5 layers of fibres are synthetic, so they don't take 2 hours to dry.
Also the synthetic inner is anti-bacterial!!
The design - 8 total layers of absorbency!!

Don't forget that all of this is finished with easy to use and adjust velcro closures.