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The depths of the sea are just waiting to be explored! This high definition print is sure to pull you into an immersive experience.


Meilani(Pink Tail/Pronouns she/her) and Sam(green tail/Pronouns they/them) plunge themselves into the depths of the sea for a glorious adventure full of mysteries, treasures and the most important of all friendship. These diapers are sure to last you for an all-night adventure or extended playdates.mermaid-infographic.jpg

Join Meilani and Sam in a magical Mermaid Tale and don't forget to bring a friend!


Note - These are not intended to be used as a swim brief.

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  • 5
    Excellent Fit !!!

    Posted by Clay on Jul 30th 2022

    These Diapers fit very well all over my waist, hips and groin. I love THE VERY smooth plastic it does not scratch my skin at all, the 7000mL capacity is great for night time or any other time, I do not even notice that I am waering these diapers after a while they just are that comfortable and fit that Bleeping good, I thought having the Max 7000ml capacity that they would be bulky but they are not bulky at all, also because the plastic is so smooth the diapers are quieter then most plastic diapers which makes them good for wearing out in public under pants. The velcro tabs are great there are 2 on each side in front of the diapers, I can refasten about 7 times before they stop holding my diaper up. The colors on this diaper is very nice and balanced, I really like the multiple tone colors fading into each other on the sides. I do not care for the mermaids but I can ignore that for all the reasons I mentioned above. Really awsome diaper to sleep in!!!!!

  • 5
    Mermaid tails

    Posted by David on Jun 23rd 2022

    Well made , Very absorbent fit well . Will order again.

  • 5
    Excellent Diapers!!

    Posted by ambrosius on Mar 2nd 2022

    Almost identical to the Rearz Barnyard but improvements in the tapes holding power and Mermaids hold a little more. Great fit and overall very comfortable and bulky. I personally went 15 hours and finally needed a change...Amazballz!!

  • 5
    Loving it!

    Posted by Amy on Feb 23rd 2022

    Love the tapes, feel, and look!

  • 5
    Best bedtime diaper yet

    Posted by Blue Davis on Jan 11th 2022

    The new Rearz Mermaid Tales all-night diaper is the most amazing bedtime diaper I've seen yet. The fit it great, the plastic backing feels silky smooth, and its incredibly soft and absorbent. I've had absolutely no issues with leaking, even with my nighttime issues getting worse. It took a couple adjustments to get the hook and loop tapes where I wanted them, but once they were set it was great. I love the bigger waist band in the back of the diaper. It really snugs up nicely for a great fit. They are very thick, but not as thick as I was expecting. I used them for a long car trip the other day. They held up great with no leaks, even when I thought they would, the entire 10 hours. I would not recomend this diaper for daytime use if descression is a concern, as they are very noticeable under clothing. I've tried just about every brand out there. I feel that Rearz makes the best incontinence products available, and the Mermaid Tales diaper is another incredible offering. If you are looking for the best bedtime diaper out there, or just want something fun and new, I highly recommend this diaper.