InControl Elite Incontinence Briefs

$43.99 - $99.99
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The Ultimate All in One Solution for Day or Night

Designed to contain both bladder and bowel incontinence with ease. These briefs are thin enough to wear during the day but absorbent enough for nighttime use. With a sturdy but soft to the touch plastic outer layer to help contain and stop any leaks. The all-new super absorbent core has been ISO lab tested and is one of the highest on the market today! Featuring extra tall leaks guards that extend to the length of the brief to offer an extra layer of protection from leaks, and to correctly contain booster pads without shifting or the need to recenter.


The Next Generation of Adult Incontinence Briefs

This brief features Hook and Loop tape technology, which allow for an infinite number of adjustments throughout the day. The landing zone has an easy to use fastening guide to aid self applicators and caregivers to get the perfect fit every time. To ensure a perfect fit, we have also included our super soft and stretchy elastics in both the legs and waistbands (Front & Back).


  Best Fit   
  Capacity Case Quantity
Small   27 - 36"  27" - 34" 4928g 3 bags of 12
Medium   28"- 44"  28" - 40" 5217g 3 bags of 12
Large   31.5" - 55"   36" - 50" 5435g 3 bags of 12
XL   40" - 58"  40" -  56" 5455g 3 bags of 12

These products are specifically designed for the permanently disabled and  the severely incontinent.  

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  • 5

    Posted by Eric r herfendal on Jan 19th 2021

    These diapers are amazing strong tapes and they are very comfortable and very affordable and very absorbent will buy again

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Herfendal on Jan 9th 2021

    Great diapers no complaints they are great will buy again

  • 5
    Now a new favorite

    Posted by Kevin K. on Dec 3rd 2020

    What can I say these diapers are AMAZING! the absorbency, tapes, and the perfect crinkle, are all 5 stars. Although they run on the smaller side of size so if you're a large make sure to order an extra large. They could be thicker and hold more (just a wish) lol. Other than that these diapers are great and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • 5

    Posted by Justin on Sep 26th 2020

    Great diaper! Comfortable, very absorbing, quiet enough for day time use, loud enough to slightly hear

  • 5
    Very Absorbent

    Posted by TW on Sep 22nd 2020

    I was quite impressed with these diapers. The hook and loop tapes held extremely well as I experience hook and loop tapes not as strong and durable. These hook and loop tapes actually held and didn't seem to pop off. The diapers are extremely absorbent and did a great job with the odor control plus the diaper didn't break down. Sometimes I experience diapers clumping and breaking down as it filled it. These diapers actually kept their shape. Also, they are extremely quiet so they are quite discrete at least that what I experienced. You ought to give these a try and they are reasonably priced. I was very pleased these diapers performance.

  • 5
    Incontrol Elite Incontinence Briefs

    Posted by JB on Aug 25th 2020

    They really have a large absorbency and yet still fit great, even when wet. Plus the hook & loop are much more convenient for multiple adjustments. Plus they are still easy to fasten when I have lotion or powder on my hands & body. These are definitely one of my favorites.

  • 5
    The support i need

    Posted by David J on Aug 24th 2020

    i pee really heavy and i also had a hernia i need lots of these diapers praise god

  • 5
    Really great tapes. flexible for extended wear

    Posted by John Hug on Aug 17th 2020

    These are really comfortable and don't make me feel like I'm sweating or itchy, though my skin is on the more resilient side. The tapes are very effective at refastening, and can still feel snug after numerous adjustments. Many diapers are deformed and compromised after napping or sleep, but these hold up well.

  • 5

    Posted by Kyle on Jul 29th 2020

    Average sizes and a great diaper. For a white diaper this is one that is not only plastic but the hook and loops make long term wear easier without the stretch problems you have with regular tape. These are also cost effective and overall a top quality diaper.