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Meet the Cooshie Tooshiez Team

Meet the Cooshie Tooshiez Team

Oct 14th 2019

We are a Husband and Wife team dedicated to providing world class customer service and industry leading products to the incontinence community as well as our friends in the ABDL world!  Yes we are an ABDL couple and have been serving the community since early 2016.  It is our mission in life to bring principles of freedom to all those we come in contact with.  A few years back we got involved with a leadership development group and it has allowed us to tap into principle based information, knowledge, and living.  We believe that through this, EVERYONE can succeed through consistent application of principles over time.  

That being said it takes a lot of time to build a business that is principle based.  We strive very hard to bring to the US market all that Rearz has to offer.  Granted they keep us on our toes with new products daily it seems.  We appreciate every ones patience as we bring in their products.

Now a little history on how we got started in this business.  Several years ago (husband) had an accident involving falling on a trailer hitch ball out the back of a rental truck.  This started me looking for the best products on the market to manage my incontinence.  After being disappointed with most everything on the market I finally stumbled upon the Rearz Spoiled (old Footprint) briefs and that led me to the inspire plus and wow what a game changer for me.  I was able to finally gain confidence in daily  living.  We were so impressed we just knew we had to get involved.  

Its been over 4 years since we were first introduced to the Rearz product and it has been an adventure that has taken us across the country and we have met so many amazing individuals.  We look forward to serving you for a lifetime!

Tom and Lisa